Negative Reviews about Garcinia Cambogia Extract

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While Dr. Oz has given the product high remarks for its ability to help the body fight and reduce fat while suppressing appetite, many consumers have given the product nothing but bad reviews.  Many say they were excited when they received their product and had high expectations since the concept behind it seems simple to understand.  But, after trying the product and not receiving results they had hoped for, they wanted nothing to do with it anymore.

If you glance through reviews for Garcinia Cambogia you may notice a high number of negative comments.  Some people claim the product did nothing for them but constant trips to the bathroom.  Others say it gave them a rash or some type of reaction that went away when they stopped using it.  A few even felt it takes too long to see results, and then the results didn’t seem very noticeable.  Others felt they didn’t like the price but thought it would give them the results they were hoping for.

With so many negative reviews you wonder why so people still by the product.  There are people who admit they never bought the supplement but figure it is just another scam to get people to spend their money.